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Specializing in Mac and network support
for the Silicon Valley and Peninsula for Over 30 Years.

We have the tools, expertise and experience do the job.
We solve Wi-Fi, network and internet problems, support Apple Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, printers and other devices. On top of that we warranty our service and are only a phone call away at (408) 739-5462.

We carefully listen to clients to be certain that we understand their network or computer difficulty. Trust CorePoint360 to quickly and expertly solve technical problems, and we also guarantee our service, and always prepare a written work order for your review and signature, prior to supplying services.

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Why Choose CorePoint360

Comprehensive Apple Mac Support

Apple trained, Apple certified.
We continually monitor and alert on over 80 vital facts and statistics about clients' Apple Macintosh computers. Our system provides a clear picture of all devices online, whether they have been encrypted and backed up, and whether software updates may be available to install. The tools we use to support users and manage computers can also be used by staff to work remotely from their own personal computer. How would you like to improve the use of technology in your business?

Mac Support Specialists

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A Comprehensive Wi-Fi Survey And Report

Reveal Network Issues

Our Wi-Fi survey report clearly reveals strengths, weaknesses, and competition for airtime with neighboring networks

Detailed Analysis

See how crowded the spectrum is and where the sources of interference are at your location.

Quick Results

We complete the survey in an hour or less, and typically deliver the Wi-Fi Survey Report within 24 hours.

Expert Advice

We make the most suitable, fact-based recommendations for how to improve the Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Survey And Report

Boost Network Performance And Reliability

What would a better internet connection mean for you?
Are you working from home and struggling with disconnecting internet, or inadequate Wi-Fi coverage? Have you have had enough unstable connections, frozen screens, poor video quality, choppy audio, and disconnected meetings. Home Network Pros has the expertise, equipment, and knowledge that is essential to solving these, and other network problems. We help with new equipment installation, finding trouble on a wire, adding a redundant internet service, even extending the network outdoors.

Next-Generation Internet

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A Complete
Business Communication Platform

Answer your office phone anywhere.
Use your work phone number to call and text from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, anywhere you connect to the internet. No longer will you have to use your personal cell phone for business messaging. Plus, you can take your office phone anywhere and make calls, even on Wi-Fi. Always be available regardless of where you may be in the moment.

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We Never Noticed That We Had Lost Our Internet Connection

We never noticed that we had lost our main internet, the backup connection was fast enough that my older son was able to participate in his Varsity Esports game with no complaints, so I would say, a grand success.

Carolyn from Woodside
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