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Your Best Reasons For Choosing CorePoint360 For Mac And Network Support Services

We Are Apple Experts. Apple Tested, And Apple Certified.

CorePoint360 is a proud member of the Apple Consultant Network. ACN members provide IT services such as setting up devices with mobile device management, installing and securing networks, and deploying backup and security solutions, to help keep businesses running smoothly. We’re also here to help you choose the best Apple technology for your business needs, in addition to setting-up and supporting those IT solutions.

Our comprehensive managed service offerings can address all aspects of your business technology needs and objectives. Our broad range of knowledge, combined with many years of experience, enable us to offer a comprehensive range of service options that other consultants can’t, or about which they may lack knowledge or awareness.

While we specialize in managed support for the Mac, we can also support Windows integration in a Mac environment. We have fulfilled a wide range of technical training requirements to earn the corresponding certifications.

Other IT firms hire CorePoint360! We are network support and troubleshooting experts. We use sophisticated Wi-Fi and cable test equipment to clearly identify trouble. We can quickly pinpoint a range of issues with both Wi-Fi and network cable troubles.

Work From Home. We enthusiastically support work from home users. We are network experts, we can improve the reliability and security of the home worker’s network, while at the same time improve the WFH experience and security. We’re happy to talk about different options for to satisfy your remote work needs.

You Need Help. As a business owner, it’s likely that you have experienced continued expansion in both the scope and complexity of your office IT needs. Needs that typically don't justify the expense of hiring a fulltime, in-house support person. Add to that the fact that the typical business owner likely hasn’t got the knowledge or detailed understanding of the true IT needs of their business. How then can that same business owner be expected to hire and manage an employee, who may or may not be competent, to whom suddenly free rein has been given over the entire IT environment?

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Expect Reliable Service

Expect reliable service, with real experts to call if I have network problems. With COVID-19 sheltering and working from home, a reliable fast network is crucial to communications. To avoid divorce at home or a riot at the office, a reliable fast network is the highest of priorities, count on CorePoint360 for extremely practical solutions to any issue.

Chris Woodside

About CorePoint360

We work in close cooperation with our clients to support their networks and computers, and in support the client’s A/V, alarm, security, home automation and other systems vendors, to enable them to securely use the network. Tim Malm began his IT career in the mid 1980s working for a publisher of medical and health information and education materials. Where Tim was initially responsible for implementing and supporting the company's product creative workflow using the Apple Macintosh publishing, and Adobe PostScript imaging platforms.

A few years later, Tim moved into the IT department as the manager responsible for a team that supported both Windows and Macintosh desktop computers, the network, and telephony for 150 people. During his tenure with the company, he headed up projects that increase profitability by bringing in-house the 4-color print prepress operations, and by establishing a digital image archive system to enable easy re-use of medical and other product related illustrations.

Through his career Tim has earned CompTIA Network+, Security+, and HealthCare IT certificates, and Apple Support Essentials certification. Except for a short period of time in the late '90's [“DOT-COM”] when he worked for TechPlanet We Do Computer Stuff [“DOT-BOMB,”] Tim has worked as an independent IT services provider, specializing in support for the Mac in a network environment, since the early '90's.

Pedro Aquino has worked in a variety of IT support roles since 2009 while attending the University of the Pacific. Since 2017 Pedro has supported computer and network clients with CorePoint360, during which time he has earned the CompTIA Network+, CWNP [Certified Wireless Network Professional] Certified Wireless Technician [CWT] and Apple macOS Support Essentials 11 certifications.