Seven Reasons For Choosing CorePoint360 Network Support And Upgrade Services.

1. Solve Wi-Fi Problems

Wi-Fi and internet problems are frustrating for so many reasons.
We survey your Wi-Fi environment using specialized scanning equipment to view the Wi-Fi network and reveal trouble. Maybe you don't need a Wi-Fi survey report to know that your wireless network could be a lot better. In any case, after talking with the client about their needs and objectives, we prepare a and submit a written summary of suitable options for improvements; including a description of next steps to take for implementing the changes needed to fulfill the client’s objectives.

2. Improve Network Reliability and Performance

When trouble strikes, call us, we can help. We’ll analyze the network to pinpoint problems with cabling, or equipment that may be obsolete, faulty, or incorrectly configured. In a written summary, we explain the reasoning for our recommendations, based on each client’s specific technical and budgetary needs. When needed, new cable installation and repair can be accomplished quickly by our expert A/V and cabling specialist partner.

3. Increase Internet Bandwidth And Reliability

How much bandwidth do you need? We assess your internet connection quality and utilization, as well as investigating service providers for your location. Then we provide you with a written report explaining which would best fit with your needs, including backup internet connection options.

4. Upgrade And Replace Network Equipment

Trust us to listen, to “tell you”, not “sell you.” Product recommendations are always based on each client’s particular technical and budgetary needs. Written service recommendations are based on each clients’ specific requirements, not one size fits all. Best of all we warranty our service, so you can be confident that everything will work as promised. Call us when you're ready to discuss upgrade options, or how to extend the range of your network.

5. Install A Backup Internet Connection

Working from home is a fact of life, which makes having a dependable internet and Wi-Fi connection so essential. We will investigate and recommend for you the most suitable backup internet service available at your location, and connect it to your network.

6. “Done For You" Internet Gateway Installation

Equipment ‘self-installs’ might be great for your Internet Service Provider, but for you the customer it can be a confusing and frustrating task, that you’d rather leave it to someone else. Let us install that new modem or gateway for you. Are there other things that you would rather be doing with your limited precious time.

7. Next-Generation Internet

Count on unmatched video streaming and internet service reliability and finally rid yourself of the aggravation of dealing with unstable connections, frozen screens, poor video quality, choppy audio, and disconnected meetings.

Make network and internet interruptions a thing of the past with our Next Generation Firewall which utilizes next-generation cloud security, and is provided via a monthly subscription to keep you safe and secure. You can expect, and will enjoy a consistently higher quality internet experience, while we worry about the technology. Service also includes an intelligent power manager, network operations agent, and 30 minutes of phone and/or remote support per month. Let CorePoint360 be the ‘network guy’ for your team.