• Comprehensive Mac support specialists.

The greatest benefit of our proactive support service may be the peace of mind gained by knowing that computers are functioning optimally, backed up continuously, and safeguarded from from risk.

Reduce Costs And Improve System Reliability.

If you have a small office in Silicon Valley or on The Peninsula, and you want to turn technology into a power tool that can move your business forward instead of a problem that costs you time and money, then we can help! 

Our proactive service helps reduce Macintosh IT support costs, and significantly improves system uptime, security and reliability. We continually monitor and can alert on over 80 vital facts and statistics about clients' Apple Mac computers. Such control and deep insight into the system configuration enables CorePoint360 to respond quickly for remediation of problems when they do arise. This high level of engagement and active system management is especially valuable in environments where specialized application software requires that a specific version of the macOS operating system be maintained on computers. At a time when an application update or upgrade is required, we can automatically install that software on any number Macs simultaneously. 

Leveraging The Apple Safety-First Perspective

You know that computer downtime costs money, and that paying to prevent problems is more efficient than paying to fix them. Our Mac device management system provides valuable insight to Macintosh computers, as to whether they have been encrypted, are ready for a system update, or may be exposed to security risks that could be easily mitigated by installing a software update. Two different anti-virus/anti-malware softwares are installed on systems under management, and to prevent data loss, computers are continually backed up to both cloud and local network storage destinations. Managed computers may be locked or wiped remotely if lost or stolen.

Are Your Computers Backed Up?

You need to be certain your data is always backed up. A CorePoint360 client knows their computers are backed up. We monitor and manage both Apple Time Machine and cloud backups, to prevent data loss from accidental file deletion, or loss of multiple computers resulting from a fire or other catastrophic event. Give us 10 minutes and we'll show you when your computer was last backed up, and the status of 5 other facts critical to the good order and operation of your Mac.

Support Our Clients, Secure And Manage Their Computers

We focus on your business. Call us if you would like to know more about Work From Home options, or your company has remote users that need expert Mac specific help desk support. From day one of 'lockdown' in March 2020, CorePoint360 has enabled every clients' employees to work remotely, using their own personal home computer.
Your business can too.

There's more to technology that Work From Home. The Hybrid Work Model, where employees may work in the office as well as from home or other location, has contributed to elevating the role of technology to a strategic level in business planning. How would you like to use, or improve the use of technology in your business? How could 2022 be your year for business growth and change?

Zero IT Set-up

It's what we call the simple, secure process of enabling any user's computer for remote work. Home computers are used to remotely control work computers, so work computers remain securely on the office network. Connecting to the work computer is as easy as responding to an email invitation, from which the user sets their account password, and installs the necessary application software. Let's focus on your business needs, not the technology.

Are You Operating Without A Plan? 

Without a plan there can be no safeguard against computer vulnerabilities and risk. Unfortunately no technology can prevent a person from clicking the wrong link, or opening an 'infected' file. Which is why we employ several layers of protection to minimize risk from human error and inattention. Network management is used to reduce risk by blocking particular threats from reaching computers via the network. Each computer under management by CorePoint360 is protected by multiple anti-virus/anti-malware monitoring and scanning softwares, which work together to minimize vulnerability to a variety of causes for computer downtime. We can also help you to prepare for the worst with business continuity and disaster preparedness planning.

Contact us if you're ready to get more out of your Mac, wherever you may be working in the moment.


They did a great job of optimizing the network!

We moved into a home with an existing network which had originally been installed by Corepoint360. They came out and did a great job of optimizing the network for our needs.

Chip from Atherton
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